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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

waffle n style

hye broo buddies :)

oke, thru the post title
what u guys thnking the connection between the 2 of it?
haha..unnecessary to really guess the relation k
just wasting ur time by doing that..hehe

for today's entry
there's a few story-mory

1 ^^, a very 'muak' waffle of choc-peanut
very unaspected that it is very undelicious-waffle-to-buy
huh..just a few bite, i felt want to puke..urghh..
though it is not a daily fresh waffle or leomag or so-others
him (the seller) should make sure the taste yummy 
i give 3 out of ten for a not outstanding even outstand-sit waffle..haha
rugi rm 2.50 !!

2 ^^, a stylish student even 2 0r 3 hours lecture class to attend per day
they give their best in styling their outfit
do they not tired of thinking what they want to wear every monin or even in their sleep?
haha..don't say 'they'
ak pon sometime do over fashionate even just go buying a keropok lekor food..hehe
but nowadays its like a trend
they do matching a very kontra outrageous colours
puprle scarf + blue cardy + long green skirt + hot pink handbag + yellow wedges = wow a rainbow!

why? why? n why do i memperkotak-katikkan this issue?
sbb sajew je bia ade entry baru..kih3...:)


p/s: do love old skool <3

adore to someone that great in fashion sense

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