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Monday, January 24, 2011

holiday + anniversary

eh..assalamualaikum w.b.t~~~

cti sminggu ni skjap jew.relax b4 mnggu busy yg sterusnye sem...aku sem!projek byk!mase sikit!...adesss......
mule2 holiday hepy mcm nih~~~

tapi blik dri cuti jew~~~
konfem mcm nih..huhuu....
tapi ak akn hepi ketike cuti sbb feeling ak mcm nih~~~
gmba kecik cikit..curik kat intenet la katekn..


ni ade tips ckit utk korang~~~
camne nk luahkn feels love :D
  1. give a romantic gift basket
  2. whisper it,sing it and do it often
  3. sit next to your loved one, not across from them
  4. hold hands
  5. touch often
  6. hide little gifts around the house for them to find
  7. leave a note taped on a mirror
  8. give big bear hug and make noise
  9. praise compliment your loved one often
  10. plan a date to watch a sunset together
haaa...sweet x??...good luck okeyh!
have love.every one deserves to be loved!
love yaw....papai peeps :)

p/s: korang...better wat semua nih utk husband k !


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